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  • Australian Government

    The Australian Government Web site provides information regarding its government structure and access to its local governments, political parties, court system and legislation as well as future plans for the Australian Government. »
  • Canadian Government

    The Canadian Government Web site is the access point through which Internet users worldwide can obtain information about Canada, the Government of Canada and its programs, services and citizen initiatives. »
  • Inter-American Development Bank

    The Inter-American Development Bank is one of the largest regional multilateral development institutions, established to help accelerate economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The IADB was established to promote the economic development of the region by financing small and medium-scale private enterprises, promoting investment reforms and stimulating private sector development. »
  • United Nations

    The United Nations is an international organization of 188 member states. As the town hall of global affairs, its work affects our everyday lives. The United Nations is central to global efforts to solve problems, which challenge humanity. On a daily basis, the U.N. works to promote respect for human rights, protect the environment, fight disease, and reduce poverty. »